Lorenzo Romagnoli

About Me


  I'm mostly a singer/songwriter. From 1996 to 2006 with Arroyo, from 2006 to 2019 with Clipper. I recorded 3 albums with Arroyo and two with Clipper. In 2018 I released 'BOOTLEG', a six song CD as a solo artist and '20th Century Urban Disaster', as "Lorenzo Romagnoli & The Arroyos", a compilation of songs recorded in 2001 and 2002. In February 2020, I released my first solo album, 'WHEN THE SUN IS BLUE'.

   The musical instruments I play the most are the guitar and the harmonica.        

    My music is pretty much acoustic rock'n'roll, my lyrics about myself. I am Italian, but I've lived in Scotland, Ireland and the US. Hank Williams is my favorite artist, Guinness my favorite drink, Edinburgh my favorite city, John Steinbeck my favorite writer.

   I used to paint in the past, if you click on the "paintings" link you can see what my work was about.

   They say I should also consider myself a writer, I don't know, I wrote a few novels, three have been published so far: 'Old Town' (EKT, 2015), 'Anime Blues' (Lettere Animate, 2017) and 'Foglia D'Autunno' (GDS, 2018).

   I play solo gigs and I love busking. Some musicians occasionally join me and in this case my shows are listed as "Lorenzo Romagnoli & The Moonshine".

   Playing my guitar and harmonica in the streets of some old town is amazing. I am a busker.


   I live in Ancona, Italy.



Booking Lorenzo

To book me, check our my "Contact Me" page or send an email at fromscrabster@yahoo.com